Our top listens for #IoFFC

The Institute of Fundraising Convention has arrived and this year it’s entirely online. Despite the huge ramifications of COVID-19 to our sector, we’ve held strong and worked together to achieve amazing things.

Andy and I have been truly honoured to talk to some of the finest minds in the fundraising space over the last few months. We’ve also learned a lot about each other, podcasting and the importance of social cues in Zoom!

I thought I’d put together our “top list” of listens for the Fundraising Convention that you can dip in and out of whilst attending the sessions (if you if you didn’t get a pass yourself)

Martha Awojobi

We spoke to Martha about #CharitySoWhite (and by spoke, I mean we listened in awe)
You have to hear what she has to say


Hiran Adhia

What’s in a brand? And how do charities harness (or fail to harness) the power of their brand?
Hiran Adhia, brand guru, who once wore a 3-piece suit on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro spills all


Louise Morris

Inspired to pick up the phone to your major donors? Louise Morris has just the answers you need


Marina Jones

Want to hear more from Marina Jones? Of course you do. Marina featured on our special COVID-19 panel show.


Nick Perks

We all want to ace our funding applications. There’s a way. Let Nick Perks show you the way.


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